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I recently heard Noam Chomsky respond to a question about the 9/11 conspiracy theories (podcast at http://www.will.uiuc.edu/am/mediamatters/default.htm).

He made the point that he simply doesn't see this as an important use of his time. We aren't about to get any new data, the theories are hard to believe, and there are current issues that are a great deal more important. Anyway, he said it better than I of course.

That sounds like a dishonest answer from him.

Chomsky's work has never depended upon digging up new data but simply looking at the data already publicly available and ignoring the propaganda and spin. As for important use of his time --- holy crap what event is of more significance than 9-11? And as for "hard to believe" Chomsky more than most people knows that how public perception has been manipulated is no measure of whether something is true or not when it comes to US foreign policy.

However his usual work doesn't bother to look at conspiracy theories (in the literal sense of covert / secret actions by governments) but only uses stuff that he can prove beyond doubt -- typically relying on released government documents or mainstream newspaper articles. He may feel that in the even of a conspiracy behind 9-11 there may not be enough evidence that is incontrovertible. He's not made comments about the conspiracy behind Pearl Harbor much for example.

Nevertheless there is a lot of stuff that can be said about 9-11 which is recorded in unimpeachable sources of the quality he uses. An accademic of his stature pointing out these inconsistencies would be helpful in getting these things investigated and producing the data he says doesn't exist yet.

I don't have an hour and a half to watch a conspiracy theory. I'm afraid I couldn't get past the point where I asked, "If these planes were drones, then where are the passengers?"

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