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Ah, man, reading Chuck's blog makes me homesick for local politics. I wish I could clone myself and fly one of me over there to help!

I don't talk about Darfur precisely because the only "solution" offered is military intervention by the US. IE another bombing campaign likely to kill huge numbers of people and make the situation far worse.

That would probably be true even if Bush wasn't president. As it is I can't help but feel that the people of Sudan would be best served with no help from the shit Midas.

I would guess Iraq has more people dying per day than the Sudan, and that situation could well be called a genocide by America. Yet the continuation of this butchery is backed on so-called humanitarian pretexts by many who ought to know better.

Sudan is also second (or third) to the situation in the Congo for casualties.

It may well be that America is already doing all it can reasonably hope to do for Darfur, given the president it has. Leave things in the hands of the bureacrats and hope Bush doesn't give it his personal attention.

One of the big reasons Darfur got little attention was because pressure on the Sudanese government was considered counter productive in view of the progress made on another (now eclipsed) conflict in Sudan, between North and South. This is no situation for those "But We've Got To Do Something" types.

I suspect that some generic anti-poverty campaign like the ONE campaign would be a lot safer for Bush to be encouraged to take an interest in. Plus also of course it's an issue (poverty, hunger, desease) that kills far more than all three military conflicts put together and is largely bipartisan.

But I'll have a look at the savedarfur site and see what they suggest.

Yeah, I think Save Darfur has the best ideas - they're still very vague but they don't openly involve shooting people:

* encourage worldwide efforts to stop the displacement and end the crimes against humanity
* demand massive worldwide governmental humanitarian support and access to match the need
* help in the relief efforts by supporting organizations giving aid
* promote efforts to rebuild villages and return the displaced
* call for a UN Commission of Inquiry to investigate war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide

The subtext here is to get China, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan (our buddies) and Eygypt on board. They're never going to get on board.

Who can blame skepticism about another US led "humanitarian mission" after Kosovo and all the other imperial wars of aggression by America?

Anyway - just to remind you that you said you'd post one diary a DAY at dKos. I don't see Tuesday's up yet.

Yeah, I haven't done it yet. It's halfway done.

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