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In what sense is China "pro-genocide"?

Insisting on US military involvement (I know you aren't - but that's what everyone else hears) is a recipie for more death, not less. It feeds into the whole American Exceptionalism / let's go bomb some "bad guys" view of the world which is why there's so much danger of a new nuclear war in Iran now.

There's never been an example of a humanitarian war. Never. Clinton went into Yugoslavia for reasons of empire and his involvement escalated the troubles.

As for Rwanda I would guess it was US involvement, or US-French jostling that precipitated the genocide in the first place, which was itself just the opening act on the civil war in the Congo and Great Lakes area that has killed, what? five times as many people as Rwanda so far, ten maybe? And still is killing at a faster rate than Darfur?

If we want America to help prevent genocide we should be getting them out of Iraq not into the Sudan. Americans kill more Iraqis every week than Sudanese dying in Darfur.

The idea of a humanitarian war in violation of the UN charter is incredibly toxic.

Instead the same methods the UN has sucessfully been using in a boring low-profile diplomatic way for decades to vastly reduce war should be used.

I don't think this is the time for America of all countries to try and come across as on a moral crusade against a largely Muslim country and government. It's possible such interference will only set back the diplomatic effort - not just the effort for Darfur but for the south vs the north civil war that is on hold in the Sudan.

Imagine if Osama bin Laden suddenly decided to take up the cause of the Iroquios in their lawsuit against the federal government. Do you think that "help" would be beneficial in pursuading the US government?

Remember it's not long ago America bombed the Sudan completely without provocation and ended up killing tens of thousands of civilians (under Clinton).

China is pro-genocide in every way possible.

I am opposed to taking military action in Sudan. I support divestiture. I think it will be more effective in getting Khartoum to fall in line about Darfur. That window is closing though as the conflict spreads to Chad.

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