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Thanks for this. The online feed was dodgier than all get out.

Thanks so much for your work. I turned the TV on at 8, which I thought was the starting time for the debate, but instead it was in the midst of the immigration answers, with Sandals talking about the Holocaust. So I missed all the first part, and I'm glad to have been able to catch up here.

Because I'm a DFA rapid responder, I was delighted to see the DFA banner and the North Hills DFA moderator, who did a really professional job in my opinion.

Thanks again!

awesome. thanks for this liveblog/recap. i can't wait for the .mp3 to take a listen myself [i'm in NY now].

Philly for Change isn't support Casey. They voted not to endorse a couple months ago. I think the exact numbers were something like 16 for endorsing Chuck, 15 for no endorsement, 6 votes for Casey and 5 for Sandals. So while Chuck Pennacchio did have the plurality, he fell short of the 75% majority needed for an endorsement.

The one thing I think was extremely unfair about it was that Chuck had not been invited to speak to P4C since June 2005. Sandals, however, was invited to speak there the month before endorsement voting. If Chuck had been invited to speak more recently, I suspect he would've received more endorsement votes. However, on the bright side, Chuck is tentatively scheduled to speak to them again on May 5th, ,so hopefully he can win over some of the undecideds.

I don't see how supporters of candidates who poll at less than 10% name recognition among Democrats can accuse someone *else* of being invisible.

It's a shot at Casey's refusal to get out there and defend his policies to the voters. He's determined to cruise on name ID and the voters' confusion about his positions. He's a coward.

I just noticed the title is Debate Live Blogging.
Hmm... I support Live Blogging 100%

Walt you would need to understand that Casey has skipped the prievous 4 debates and refused to answer questions for pollsters.

Also that he has done I believe 3 public events whereas Chuck has 291.

I was very impressed with Chuck tonight. I am so proud to be helping this man, I only wish I could do more. He was hands down the winner with us and most of those at Slippery Rock in the audiance. He got the best reactions from crowd, you could tell he had gained their respect in less then 90 minutes. Most came to the same conclusion we have he is just what we and this country need. As for Casey's crude remark it WAS a jealous comment because he knew who whom the audiance preferred/ liked best, Chuck Pennacchio not Bob Casey Jr..

Thanks for posting this. From what I can tell, it looks like Pennacchio is positioning himself in the middle of this pack. That remark about "geogreen" by Sandals sounds like a starry-eyed liberal thing to say. Also Chuck's position on parental notification shows he's willing to remain independent of NARAL.

Oh, and historians rock.

I think that Sandals is staking out the middle ground. He really wanted that NOW endorsement though so he moved from parental consent to no parents involved at all. His snide and desperate remark in the closing comments about wishing he lived in Chuck's world where we can do everything he wants and still have a living wage was his claim to the middle.

None of the candidates pushes an energy policy. I wish they would. It would be a winner. Energy and living wage mmmmmmm ....

In my world I occupy the middle ground. Scary thought, huh?

I don't get why Chuck is against NAFTA/CAFTA/etc...it makes no sense to want to create a livable wage here, wall ourselves in, and then not facilitate any of the push factors of immigration. These trade agreements help everyone out, we just must re-educate workers who get their jobs moved.

I support Casey.

yes I see Chuck to the left but I also know that the majority of even conservative democrats in the T like the idea of universal health care and a living wage and no PAC money.

Also I'm still the only one here who has taken a position on Live Blogging. You guys need to take a stance and stop ducking the real issues here

Chris firstly Casey opposes NAFTA/CAFTA also. These regional trade relations are not fair to the working classes in either country and allow large corporations to move production to Mexico where they can pay workers less than a dollar an hour in extremely poor working condidtions. If we had fair trade like Chuck pushes we could improve working condidtions with the other country or force manufactors to put Americans to work.

A living wage is something we have had in the past and it would greatly stimulate our economy.

Why do you support Casey?

I think Chris's post may have been sarcastic. I can't imagine any Democrat is actually insane enough to think we should "re-educate our workers" after they lose their jobs to foreign countries with no living wage.

It wasn't sarcastic, it's realistic

austin - You are right that they are all against NAFTA, doesn't make them right...but I think Casey has the most realistic approach to a lot of issues, like healthcare, abortion, education, etc. More moderate positions are going to have an easier time passing.

Anyone who supports the kind of DLC moderation that Casey embodies should read this post at MyDD.

As someone who was at the debate here's my reactions.

Chuck: Seemed angry at the beginning, but after the first couple questions seemed more like passion than anger. He impressed me with his message especially economy and Iraq. Also pleased how he handled the abortion question rather than sniding at Casey like Sandals. He also pointed out his principles on it. Overall I came out of the debate with a better feeling on Chuck than I had coming in and may vote for him.

Casey: Bob Casey came off as a nice, likeable guy and that may work against Rick Santorum, who is just a prick. But it was very frustrating when at times Casey danced around issues. I came into the debate strongly leaning towards Casey left only slightly leaning towards Casey, but that's as much about how well Chuck Pennacchio did rather than Casey doing poorly.

Alan Sandals came off impressively in the beginning, but some of his attacks on Casey and Chuck seemed petty.

If I had to classify each canidate I'd say Sandals is a Kerry Democrat, Chuck a progessive populist, and Casey more the moderat populist.

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