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LeaAnn suggests live traps. We had a similar situation with a feral cat that we wanted to catch, along with some kittens. In the end that didn't work out for us, but it might work for you. Of course feral cats aren't as dangerous as adult foxes I assume, but the kits might be more easy to handle. I wonder how soon they can be separated from the mother and still survive in the wild?

Tractor Supply had a great deal on live traps a while back so we picked up 4 of them.

If there was only one to shift it would be pretty easy. With so many of them you'd need to hold the one's you'd already caught somewhere while you re-use the trap.

If you know of a place that would take them, this "predator protection program" then can you ask them for advice? Could they lend you some live traps?

There's got to be a wildlife rescue program where you live. There are here, in fact there's a program on Animal Planet that chronicles the daily lives of Wildlife Rescue. I don't have time to look up any right now, but later if you can't find anything I can contact PETA and find an answer. HSUS might also know; call your local HS.

My neigbor called the wildlife rescue people. They are the ones who gave us the advice about the coyote urine.

On trapping: I can't see it working. We'd get the mom and two kits or worse, just a few kits. Then we'd be unable to do anything with the frantic mother. If we were professional fox wranglers, maybe, but we're a bunch of dopes who consider anything other than cats and dogs exotic wildlife.

I haven't seen the mom around in quite a few days now. She may have moved some of the kits and be coming back for the two I've seen recently. The den is getting a lot of attention from the apex predators on the block. She's smarter, and more decisive, than we are. She'd do well to clear out.

What a wonderful privilege you have to watch them grow up! I envy you. And the pix are great.

I don't have any professional or otherwise expert advice to offer, but I grew up in the country, and foxes, in my experience, are generally live and let live. Red foxes are among the shyest of the species, and even if the babies seem relaxed around you, the mom should be pretty wary. They'll den while she raises them this summer, and eventually move on. Staying in one place too long maximizes their scent and the chance that predators may come around, so I'd be surprised if they even last out the summer in such a populated place (populated compared to the deep country). Regardless, I wouldn't worry about danger to children. The only real danger would be rabies, which is a problem with any number of wild animals that are always around anyway. Meantime, these guys will help keep down the vermin.

Keep taking pictures!!

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