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"Stupid Canadians." Take the $16M while the taking is good. It's not getting any cooler.

Fuck off, Arrogrant Americans

I wasn't being arrogant. I was being judgmental. But feel free to talk to Haiti about the Canadian government. I haven't been predisposed to giving Canada the benefit of the doubt for a while now.

re: the above comment, something about seal pups brings out the assholes.

As for the post on Plan B, I thought it was about Medicare, and I went to read it since I don't understand Medicare's Part B. Now I see there is a difference between "Plan" and "Part". Learn something new every day!

I guess they want Canada's national character to include bashing in the skulls of baby seals. The quickest cure to wanting to leave this country is learning more about others, but especially more about Canada.

Erobin I'll talk with Haiti, you talk with the people of Iraq.

Lise: Canada suffers from high expectations around here. Nobody blinks when America or the United Kingdom or Australia helps massacre a bunch of brown people. But when a country like Canada or New Zealand or Norway does it ... well you just take it more personally. It's a disapointment.

Do you know what I mean? I feel worse about Canada's far smaller involvement in Afghanistan than my own country (UK) because I just gave up on Tony Blair years ago.

Lise, you act like I'm some kneejerk defender of the USA. Anyone who spends five minutes here knows that isn't true. Anyone who reads this blog knows that I've been very critical of the USA's role in what's happening in Haiti.

Canada has problems too. Deal with it.

The person listed as "Lise Sorensen" is a cowardly anonymous troll. The real Lise (my wife) has been targeted by this same pro-sealing troll on a variety of blogs.

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