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"We need the filibuster so we should never use it because the GOP will get rid of it if we do. "

Did Casey actually say this? Brilliant. This should go on every piece of lit the Chuck campaign prints.

I'm sorry - no, he didn't. That was paraphrasing. He said essentially the same thing in many more words. He's really very Kerry-esque in that way. Many, many words, no message.

From the two liveblogging accounts, here's what I see:

1) Casey is smoother than the other two, makes few PR mistakes. Pennacchio's good, too, not quite as smooth. Sandals sucks.

2)Another reason I dislike Casey now, besides his anti-abortion stance: he's mining Bush's fear-of-Iran theme, when I'm certain China, Pakistan and North Korea are greater threats.

3) "More historians, less lawyers, in Congress" is not a winning point. Emphasizing one's understanding of history AS PART of the whole, makes sense. But overemphasizing the historian is not a great motivator for voters. There's a reason most folks hated history classes in school, though they recognize it's important.

4) Chuck was better on taxes and special interests, but Casey's mention of middle class tax relief was shrewd.

5) I agree with others, that Chuck's 'living wage' stance is overemphasized, and to too many, somewhat meaningless. I mean, most people ARE living on their current wages, right? I think it'd be better to call it a 'family wage' that lets you support your family at 40 hrs per week including affordable healthcare and a good education AND you can have TIME to ENJOY your family, too. We had that in the Fifties and the Sixties, but have largely gone backwards under the Republican Presidents who've ruled for 26 out of the last 38 years, and only under the 8 years of Clinton did we see family wages grow.

6) It's too bad Sandals will siphon votes from Chuck. He benefits Casey by staying in the race.

7) Chuck should have said: "gaining federal dollars for Pennsylvania is not about special interests if the dollars address real needs. If the dollars mean affordable healthcare, stronger Social Security, simpler Medicare, greater job security, a tax system that stops robbing the middle class and an economic plan that stops lowering the family wage, then that's in the interest of Pennsylvania - the ONLY special interest I'll fight for."

As a historian, Chuck should understand the importance of delivering a populist message that hits home on every one of those points.

Wow, Kevin. Good insights. I don't mind Chuck's pounding of the historian thing. He's showing that he has the experience to deal with foreign relations.

Family wage is brilliant. And saying that he'll fight for PA as a special interest is good too. Good, memorable hooks.

I don't think Sandals takes as many would be voters from Chuck as he does from Casey. And I really don't think that anyone watching last night switched from Chuck to Sandals. As you put it bluntly he sucked. But I do think him stepping out and endorsing Chuck would ensure a Chuck victory.

Yeah, that would help for sure. I don't see it happening though.

i still don't understand how you type so quickly.

Did you ever untie your neighbor and let her out of the crawl space you shoved her in when she interrupted?

Oh my god! I'll be right back.

Janelle Stelson. She's a local news talking head.

And am I the only person in Pennsylvania that wonders when Terry Madonna's head will explode from perceived insidership expertise?

We just posted audio of the whole debate:


Carl Lavin,
deputy managing editor, news
Philadelphia Inquirer

PSoTD: Terry drives me crazy too.

Carl: That is fantastic news. Thanks for sharing it here and thanks for posting the file.

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