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"If You Can Think of a Better Category for Stuff Like This, Then I'd Like To Know"

You mean you don't have a separate category for "Fox News"?

My wife's always trying to get pictures of the various dogs and we can't get them to stay still for a shot even when someone is holding them, so I think you did very well with these photographs.

Yeah, kudos on the photos.

Your neighbor needs to keep the cat indoors. That's what they do in coyote country, where I used to live. Everyone knew not to let small dogs and cats roam, else they'd end up food.

I can't believe I didn't think of Fox News.

So the foxes will eat the cat? There was some disagreement on that point. Even after they cornered him, we were still figuring that maybe the cat had disturbed the den and riled them that way. The cat is pretty tough.

I don't know if foxes will (doubt it) but coyotes will.

love those cute little kits. just adorable.

I love this so much!

Oh the photos are so lovely!!!
Listen i have had a continuous family of foxes returning to my garden for the past 4 years!!!
I now have 1 of the cubs in the garden day and night. Yes i do feed her! As for foxes killing cats, rubbish. I have 2 and the fox is more scared of them!
All she wants to do is play! My neighbours (4) are also in the garden . So most times my fox is sharing the garden with 6 cats!
She wants to play they swipe at her, but not all the time. Mostly they just look at her and do nothing!
Suburban foxes r fine. I have even studied how they bury their food!
They dont dig up the garden like people think (cats r more likely to do that if it is flower beds)
I have studied them and noticed that wen they are full they will dig OR SCRAPE a tiny hole and then rub their noses ontop of it for about 3 minutes so it has the scent and noone else touches it.
All i can say is...watch and learn!! They are lovely animals that deserve more respect.
After all...they cant help being a wild animail that has to live, but they are not the wicked things that people think they are.

I have pics i can send of my fox but i dont know how!!!!! If u can advise me i would be realy happy!!!!

Hi 8smmy8. We had foxes back again this year and they were just as cute as these. They haven't bothered the neighbor cat this time, but the two adults did tree him the year I wrote this post. I'm very glad your foxes are friendlier.

As for the photos - The best I can suggest is to upload them to somewhere like photobucket.com (it's free) and then link to the photos there. Some people really like Flickr for sharing photos online, but it's a division of Yahoo and I can almost never get anything Yahoo to work right. There's also Picassa - don't know anything about beyond the fact that I've heard a lot of people sing its praises. It's also free.

All of these services work the same way - you register for a free account and they upload the photos from your computer to the ether, where you can share them with your friends.

What about fenced in small dogs? Will the foxes hurt them? We have a fox that now comes during the day strolling slowly in the house yards. What about children? Is there any smell that deters them, like garlic or peper?

Hi Rachel,

I'm not a fox expert so I don't want to give any advice. I keep my kids away from the den in our neighborhood. My experience with foxes is that they are smart and very good at killing things smaller than themselves.

I disagree with the people who said foxes do not kill cats. I live in the suburbs in a regular neighborhood and have a family of foxes that live near us. This morning I was standing on a chair looking over my fence because I could hear the foxes in the neighbors yard behind mine. A fox walked up toward me when he saw me and came about 20 feet from me on the other side of the fence, he did not even seem afraid. I have to disagree with you about them not eating cats because our neighborhood has lost many cats and people have seen the foxes carrying away a cat or attacking a cat. I had 4 foxes circling my cat on my back porch and luckily my son scared the foxes away and grabbed my cat. They are out all hours of the day and night. I've seen them even out while it is raining and I thought there seems to be no time that it is safe to let my cats out so I keep them in now. They love to lay in the backyards and bask in the sun also and wander around together. They make this odd sound which is a combination of a barking-screaching sound which is kindof creepy. I think they make the noise to let the others know they have found food. I noticed they would make the noise when my cats were out in the same area as them and I would frantically call my cats in. I called to see if some of them could be removed but found out there is a large cost but also that they would be destroyed and I could not do that. I do love foxes but worry about other cats and small pets. I thought this information was important because some people stated that they do not kill cats. Well, I even stay outside when my small pomeranian has to go to the bathroom, he's is very tiny and I have a 6 foot wooden fence which they can jump.

A pair of foxes corner Neighbor Cat a few years ago. He only got away b/c I went out to scare the foxes away - no small trick. They are fearless. BUT for all the worry the foxes cause local cat owners, it was another cat that put Neighbor Cat in the hospital a week ago.

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