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This is just hilarious.

Do you feel better now?

Very funny.


Us in the Angrier Left just find you Angriest Lefties plain embarasing. All this talk about Bush jokes and folding laundry. Don't you know that's going to drive away the moderate Angries? I don't want them to think we all read the NYTimes.

Is that a set of pj's you're wearing?

The moderate Angries can kiss my ass!

I'm wearing clothes but I always blog in my tattered terrycloth bathrobe because it fuels my fury. Why can't I afford nicer things?

Is that a United Way wristband you're wearing? Very stylish, mine recently broke.

Also, you have very nice teeth. Is that a filling in number 20 back there?

Austin: It's from the Hunger Site: Cultivate Peace.

KathyF: No fillings!

I quote "Network" on a regular basis. Will the WaPo visit my house?

If they do, only talk to a reporter who will use the bathroom in your house. And help fold the laundry. Those are my new screening questions for journalists.

Don't forget the glass of water. If they don't drink the water you might not be able to get them to use the bathroom.

The moderate Angries can kiss my ass!

That would make a great signature. Only slightly less cool than,

"668 - the neighbour of the beast"


"Everyone who believes in telekinesis, raise my right arm"

I'm with MediaGirl. If I were Maryscott, I'd write a series of posts about what it was like to hang out with David Finkel for all those hours.

What I find really odd about this whole episode is the way Maryscott refuses to see the piece as a hit piece. All the more odd because she's usually over-sensitive to criticism, to the point of seeing it where none was intended.

I think I read somewhere that the quote, which she says was sort of out of context, about her hating the Catholic Church, was arranged to fall just at the bottom of the article on the front page, a quite prominent position.

I mean it makes her out to be a mentally deranged and deluded white trash, chain smoking, unemployed / lazy bad mother. There was a whole page just to quote the "angry left" doing nothing but swearing. How can she not see it as a hit piece?

But today she comes out and defends the journalist once again.

Part of it seems to be that she sees anyone who says the article was a hit piece as criticising her for agreeing to the interview. As if you can't know it's going to be a hit piece and still agree to go through with it for the good that can come of it. As if nobody could think that.

She's more upset about the dumb picture than what the guy made her look like.

I realise it wasn't all bad. It could have been written even less sympathetically. But the limited amount of positive comments were burried in the back pages. Sometimes I can think of it as funny rather than nasty, because Maryscott has such a way of making fun of herself so often, it's like a running in-joke sometimes, but this wasn't being funny. It was nasty. You read the reaction of anyone who's got more distance from her and there's no question. A hit piece.

Over at MLW though that view doesn't get much coverage.

It's interesting the way some people see her sensitivity as arrogance or a desire to grab attention. She's being attacked the same way Nader was. "It's all about ego" and so on. However in my experience she's also sensitive to criticism in the good way - she will actually take things to heart and even seek out to a certain extent someone who might tell her she is wrong.

Let me say as somebody who specialises in telling people they're wrong all the time, that's refreshing. ;)

Btw, you don't have MediaGirl blogrolled.

eRobin, if you have no fillings, where do you get your transmissions from?

Just wondering.

sweet sweet acid mine runoff

My transmissions come through radio broadcasts and certain television commericials. Also, occasionally, via certain paragraphs and advertisements in the NYT business and arts sections.

Isn't that how you get yours?

Hilarious. If this is where you cast your ballot, I vote that the WaPo most definitely should have interviewed you. You're the angriest, fer sure.

Eye Git sew angeRier thEt eye kaNt tiPe wriGht.
PeePle Lyk mE nead slYtlY leass anGeryer bLoagers tOo wRight fOur uS.

Maybe someone more familiar with US history can help me here. Was Ed Murrow's attack on Senator Joseph McCarthy which was recently the subject of the film, "Goodnight and Good Luck", part of a campaign by the CIA to discredit McCarthy because of fighting between the CIA and Hoover's FBI?

Joseph McCarthy also began accusing other senior members of the CIA as being security risks. McCarthy claimed that the CIA was a "sinkhole of communists" and claimed he intended to root out a hundred of them. One of his first targets was Cord Meyer, who was still working for Operation Mockingbird. In August, 1953, Richard Helms, Wisner's deputy at the OPC, told Meyer that Joseph McCarthy had accused him of being a communist. The Federal Bureau of Investigation added to the smear by announcing it was unwilling to give Meyer "security clearance". However, the FBI refused to explain what evidence they had against Meyer. Allen W. Dulles and Frank Wisner both came to his defense and refused to permit an FBI interrogation of Meyer.

Joseph McCarthy did not realize what he was taking on. Wisner unleashed Mockingbird on McCarthy. Drew Pearson, Joe Alsop, Jack Anderson, Walter Lippmann and Ed Murrow all went into attack mode and McCarthy was permanently damaged by the press coverage orchestrated by Wisner.

McJoan calls all men rapists again

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