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Exactly correct. The next question asked to someone who thinks that women shouldn't be punished is to ask why we don't realease all women from jail...

In more important news, how 'bout them Metropolitans? Despite the cold, Thursday's game sure was fun...

You know it's going to be nuts. They'll have "proof" that pregnancy hormones cause homocidal tendencies. They'll argue over which week of pregnancy women become officially mad. There's just enough science and more than enough accepted myth in the whole thing so that people will believe it.

During my first pregnancy, during the medical history portion of the second OB appointment, I told the nurse that I was feeling anxious/depressed (we had no insurance) and they watched me on that for the whole nine months and especially in the hospital after the baby was born. A social woker came in to grill me about my feelings toward the baby and the birth. Of course I could never get a straight answer if that visit from the social worker was because I had said I was anxious/depressed eight months earlier or because my hospitalization was being picked up by the state and all poor women get a visit from the social worker because we are prone to killing our babies. (Maybe it's poverty and not pregnancy that causes insanity.) Anyway, the people doing these "studies" are going to have a field day. It's going to make Intelligent Designing look reasonable.

The Mets are my salvation.

Warren Farrell lists twelve women-only defences on murder cases in "The Myth of Male Power" (which you should all have read).

As for releasing all women from prison that's already happened too. Or rather about 90% of women don't get into jail in the first place which is why men constitute over 90% of America's prison population, which is itself so large that America makes up a quater of the whole world's population of prisoners.

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