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Do you realize who wrote this? Maybe this is a swift-truck attack on Bush.

It's an anti-immigration piece, which explains why you'll find it on the wingnut sites. My concern is that we're building a private road at taxpayers' expense. Privatizing the highways and of course busting unions are goals that seem to be being advanced by this project.

The CSM writes about it here, but from the perspective that it's a boondoggle.

These people think it's being built to cut the country in half to make it easier for martial law to be put into effect. After what happened in NOLA, I'm not as ready to brush those concerns off as I used to be.

These guys are opposed to it on environmental grounds:

'Small, independent farmers need help, not road blocks,' testified southern Indiana farmer Gary Seibert. 'That is what the I-69 extension will be, a great dam that splits up our farms and separates our communities. We have a name for it when you take our homes, our farms, our natural resources, and our way of life and promise us pie-in-the-sky in return. It's called rural exploitation. We've heard it all before and we decline your offer.'

Of the various proposed routes, the extension of Interstate 69 would be the most damaging and costly NAFTA Superhighway. The I-69 presently extends from Flint, Mich., to Indianapolis. But as a superhighway it would plow through farmlands, forests, and hundreds of communities in eight states plus Canada and Mexico."

There's a lot going on about it off the radar.

Whoa, well this goes into explaining the long term lease of our toll road in northern Indiana...

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