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I think one thing about those videos is that they are from before his experience of the 2000 campaign. Maybe it's more a hope or a wish, but I think he's learned from that, as have many voters. As you say, he's smart, so I think he could adjust his approach. And voters might be ready to discount the stupid portrayals of him. He's a serious guy; maybe that will be the new black after 8 years of Bush.

Don't let's shoot down the idea just yet.

I'm not shooting it down. I like the guy. I even think he's broken sufficiently (for now) with the DLC. I think there are other people who could be as effective as him in the capacity of presidential candidate though and I'm not sure we can replace what Gore is doing now. And he, more than anyone, should know that anyone running against the electronic voting machines is going into the race playing to lose. I just don't see him wanting to give up what he's got to get back into a situation that's even worse than when he left it.

Interesting take on this by Garance Franke-Ruta in American Prospect: A Man in Full -- Al Gore's new movie turns his criticized qualities into critical ones.

I agree with her in seeing elements of the movie as specifically addressing criticisms of Gore in the past; she agrees with you, I'd say, when she writes, "What the film shows is that what Gore really needed in 2000 wasn’t better political consultants, but a good and sympathetic editor." I.e., a sympathetic or at least not a viciously hostile press. I.e., not in Gore's control, and not in the cards.

Or is it? One or two more Category 5 (or "6") hurricane disasters, or some other major portent of global warming like a big melt in Greenland or something, might make media follow public opinion and come to Gore (preferably hat in hand), not the other way around.

Not saying I'm looking forward to a "Katrina II" -- just that it's not far-fetched. Gore might look like a chance for a national "do over" in a lot of ways by then.

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