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What worries me is that while progressives are giving Edwards time to "prove himself to be on our side", a really bad candidate will gain an insurmountable edge in the race (say Obama or even, gasp!, Hillary Clinton).

Of course, it's not like there's a potential candidate with better progressive cred than Edwards.

It's not clear that a centrist John Edwards is better than a centrist Hillary. And there's really no way to know what kind of President Edwards will be.

Edwards has taken stands agains mega companies and has been vocal in helping unions, has spoken for minimum wage.

I don't see anything to worry about, and I don't have a problem what so ever voting for him.

I would rather be with him on a vote then someone who wants to step across party lines in the Politically Correct phrase "bipartisanship" just so they can seem to be getting something done, rather than looking out for the hard working people of America.

I just can't get behind Edwards. Mostly it's the accent. I can't stand thick Southern accents.

That's why I got rid of mine.

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