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Hah, great stuff.

When Mr. Emanuel and Mr. Schumer set out to find candidates to run in the red states and districts of the 2006 electoral battleground they sought their own rural and exurban doppelgängers.

The odd thing is that the author of the piece appears to think that Tester and Webb were picked by those two instead of (in the case of Webb) beating the candidates he chose and running a "grass roots" campaign.

Out of 6 "manly men" in the picture two are Emanuel and Schumer and half the remainder (at least?) were not picked by them.

Looks like another story that wrote itself regardless of the facts. I guess it makes a break from (what I assume were) a host of stories about Pelosi being the first woman to hold America's top elected job? No?

ps. I thought that female candidates tended to do slightly better at winning votes, other things being equal, then men.

Clearly the Democrats did not win due to grass roots support for issues such as health care, education, Iraq, etc. They won on image alone! [end sarcasm]. I'm not sure if Lizza is trying to say that the American people are stupid or the Democrats are superficial empty heads.

a. Swearing and missing body parts are characteristics of a Manly Man.

As long as that body part is not the thing that determines one's biological manliness.

And, of course, hair. Being a Manly Man is tricky business. You must be just right. Obama - no. Gore - don't be silly. Dean - Dean who? Any Republican - mais oui!

I think Lizza is trying to say that Chuck and Rahm are teh awesome and got the bright idea to use the Manly Man stuff as a hook. The more I think about it, the more I feel like this article was one of the worst things I've ever read in the NYT. Fallacious, tone-deaf, sexist on all fronts and poorly argued. It figures that it would come from a New Republic guy. Sadly, you can bet, b/c this is the NYT, that there will be follow-ups on the story from other outlets.

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