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I know the exhaustion, but that comes from expecting public servants to do the right thing. If we remember that the real key is to continue to do the right thing ourselves, it helps ameliorate that.

And it's clear you're continuing that in your offline works from what you wrote. In fact, imo, your posting has even gotten clearer and crisper... your blogging has been great in recent months... while I could sense mine was eroding.

I hope my break will change my output. But in the interim, it's inspiring to see you and others carrying on so well eR.

The reason the Democrats cannot do what they promised to do is because they did not get enough people elected to Congress to override the Republicans. When the Democrats get the numbers to override the Republican vote and Bush's veto. They will be able to accomplish what they started.

No, Mac. It's not that simple. You're falling for a myth the BD/DLC Alliance has shuffled up to cover their inaction. The Dems have a decided majority in the House and a working majority in the Senate if they were voting together.

They aren't.

The DLC/BD Alliance of conservative Dems - and they include the leadership in both Houses - has been voting with the GOP minority. Harry Reid came up with that nonsense about "we don't have enough to do anything" to cover his decision to let the Pubs simply threaten to filibuster and get him to back down. The Pubs have threatened to filibuster virtually every bill the Dems have come up with since Nov '06 (except, of course, those Donkey bills which were precisely and word-for-word what Bush wanted), and Harry has bowed his head and stepped aside under the mere threat. He only made the Pubs actually carry through on their threat once - for 2 lousy days.

They could have accomplished what they claimed their agenda was a year ago if they really wanted to. It's time to face facts: they don't want to. The Blue Dogs are nothing but Pubs in sheep's clothing and if they vote with the GOP all the time, there's a good reason for that.

You're thinking the Dems are still Roosevelt Dems. They're not. They're Pub-Lites, mildly more centrist on some social issues but pretty radically pro-corporate on the economy and pro-war.

This is no longer your father's Democratic Party.

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