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Yes, I read those back at the time. Those bridges at Nasiriyah (and other bottlenecks like them) are a big, big problem. (I remember wondering why Hussein didn't blow them up in the invasion, and not liking one answer I came up with.)

I don't think Gilliard was necessarily right if he was implying this is the only conceivable endgame. I think it's more likely there'd be a +/- quiet "redeployment", hopscotching retreat to the big 'permanent bases', an airlift out, and a lot of spiked/disabled equipment left behind. But (a) the fighting retreat scenario Gilliard describes is certainly an endgame to avoid. And (b) I'm not quite as well versed in these things as Gilliard was; my scenario may be harder to pull off than I think, or unacceptable for other reasons -- eg, the massive equipment losses.

There's updates at Gilly's site. The blogs will only last another month.

Thomas: Gilliard tended to write in extremes but he's been right about so much with Iraq that I figure that he was right to be concerned that this would be an option. I'm no MacArthur, but I think that the fighting retreat option ties directly to an attack on Iran. As in, if Iran is attacked, we'll be in immediate and serious trouble in Iraq that would require the sort of scenario that he describes in these posts.

Kevin: I saw that. I hope they think of a way to preserve his stuff though. There's so much that we'll want to have access to to help understand the war as it progresses.

I'm no MacArthur.

That's no problem, that's a recommendation. MacArthur was an overrated, vainglorious nut. Exhibit 152: He allowed the US air forces in the Phillippines to be destroyed on the ground -- the day after Pearl Harbor.

I think you're right about Iran -- and it's one reason I'm guardedly optimistic about avoiding a war with Iran. I think the way this "surge" escalation is being conducted spreads out troops -- making them much more vulnerable to an uprising/fighting retreat than if they were pulled back to the FOBs around the country.

They're going to shut down News Blog?! Nooo! Is the problem with blogger.com? Given the outpouring about Gilliard, maybe the powers-that-be can release the administration to his co-blogger Jen?

She said she never wanted to run the blog and won't start now. I think something will happen so that his work isn't lost. They just don't know what form it will take yet. I the meantime, we have thirty days to find all the stuff we want to have for future reference and save it on our own I guess. The colonialism series and all the stuff on Iraq, which has mostly all turned out to be so prescient, would be my choices.

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