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Very interesting links and synthesis, Robin, thanks. I've been working on a comment now to the point where I should maybe try to make a post out of it instead.

This is...baffling.

I can't read but the first 2 grafs of Lind's piece because the rest is behind the subscription wall, but even as little as that makes it plain that Lind isn't talking about what Slaughter said. He's claiming she wrote the opposite of what she said in the Rose interview. Direct opposite. Did he thoroughly misunderstand her? Is she saying one thing and writing another?

Then there's tristero, who inexplicably abandons his usual practice of giving chapter and verse and instead writes a short post adopting the right-wing technique of assertion w/out documentation and Out.

I have a certain respect for the analytical capabilities of both these folk and I'm puzzled as to how to reconcile them. I know what "American exceptionalism" is, and verbally she's making an argument against it, not for it. It's not even slightly ambiguous. I thought she explained her position very clearly.

So I just flat don't know what to make of this. Am I missing something? Did two disparate sources make the same mistake? Or one took the other's mistake on faith? Or is Slaughter indeed talking out of both sides of her mouth, defending exceptionalism in the book and attacking it when she talks about her book in interviews?

I suppose I would need to read the whole Lind article to have a clue - and Slaughter's book - but there's nothing wrong with what she said. It's not "neo-imperialism" or "neoconservatism with a human face". She's saying - on Rose, amyway - that it's time we started trying to live up to our own rhetoric and the promises, expectations, and hopes of the Founders, just as you said.

Absolutely. Go, Anne Marie.

So what's tristero's problem? Or Lind's? Puzzling. Like Thomas, I'd do a post on Slaughter - it's bloody time somebody started talking about this seriously - but I have just enough respect for both of them to want to be clear about what their objections are before I do.

BTW, thanks for the Rob Newman link. I've never heard of him but his show is brilliant.

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