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Thanks for your comment over at the discussion at my post, and for your more extensive answer here.

As I replied there re impeachment, I continue to disagree with you on that score -- starting with the definition of impeachment. At the risk of sounding pedantic, impeachment doesn't happen on the Senate floor, it happens in the House. I'd take the very same margin of defeat 227-183 as a victory in that respect.

Why? Because the leadership would have allowed that vote to happen -- just as it should *not* have allowed this one to happen. A 142-41 Democrat split for impeaching would be a good thing -- compared to a 0-0 vote, i.e., never even mentioning it.

I may stop mentioning this analysis, and I may not, it may become my "pro-war WaPo" type of thing. :)

Maybe I don't get your point exactly, but I think that impeachment about FISA would be (or would have been) potentially quite simple to understand. There was a law. Bush broke it. He lied about that. During his re-election campaign. So he should be impeached.

Anyway, thanks for such a detailed answer. And thanks for passing along Mick Arran's news item, that's been a little bright spot for the past couple of days.

Mea culpa re TrenchNews. Your very gentle scolding will, we hope, act as a motivator. I hadn't intended to abandon it, but I've had very little time lately and gotten side-tracked by other things.

As for the Dems and the FISA vote, Glenn Greenwald helped me reach the conclusion that cowardice may well have nothing to do with it. Logic at this point dictates that their actions are deliberate, and we're going to have to face the fact that we can expect NOTHING from them in the way of Constitutional protection.

Thomas: Yes, I am rather like Cato on the pro-war WaPo thing. Of course they ARE the pro-war WaPo. You could start ending your posts with "this is my opinion. It is my further opinion that BushCo must be impeached."

I think that impeachment about FISA would be (or would have been) potentially quite simple to understand.

Ouch - I didn't consider how this capitulation undercuts the case for impeachment. Just when you think it can't get any worse.

But anyway - remembering that I'm always wrong, ask yourself how long it would be after impeachment proceeding began that we would have seen this headline: Democrats risk troop safety by impeaching president during wartime," sourced to "administration sources unwilling to be identified because they are not authorized to comment on the case." I figure it would be a matter of hours.

How long do you figure the American people, who scare so easily, would support any steps taken against the people who only want to keep evil-doers from killing their children in their beds by listening to the phone calls of The Terrists?

Mick: Yeah, you're probably right. The fact is that we have nobody in the halls of power looking out for our interests or for the interests of the republic. But the Dems most definitely are cowards.

This is my opinion. My further opinion is that the integrity of the American vote must be established free of corporate control.

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