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Not too far off.

The leader is victory!

With success on all fronts, we stand shoulder to shoulder with our brave allies in victorious struggle. The approaches are conquered. The breastworks of the enemy are in our hands. Now we must take the last bastion. Therefore let us close ranks even more tightly before this storming, and stand like an iron chain around our leader and the beloved fatherland.

Note the conflation of protecting the homeland with attacking the (supposedly) last bastion of resistance somewhere else.

And during the election, the de facto slogan for BushCo was The Party is Victory!

They really are horrifying.

P.S. I'll post something in French one day for Maddie to translate!

Not to mention the identification of the leader as victory. Tho I think the right has been sliding away from that one the last 6 months, I expect we'll see it again, redoubled, when Dear Leader tries to declare war on Iran in the next 6 months.

Re stuff for Maddie to translate: I imagine both the Napoleonic era and Vichy France have plenty of suitably similar propaganda to compare and contrast.

Incidentally, where'd you find this? It says "Parole der Woche" -- slogan of the week -- at the bottom; must be lots more to match up with whatever the latest fascist-lite howler of the day is. How'd paperwight put it -- it's never going to be exactly the same route, we'll just hit many of the same towns along the way.

Thomas: Click on the image and it'll take you to a page of Nazi propaganda. I sort of hid the link I guess. Mea culpa.

These two should set Dear Leader's toes a tappin':

"Holy ground is everywhere that is defended by Germans. Alfred Rosenberg." Gau Oberdonau (31 October - 6 November 1938)

"You cannot expect the coming generation to make up for the failures of the present one. Dr. Goebbels." Unidentified Gau (15 - 21 January 1939)

Those are from this page of quotes from the Dark Side.

I know that finding quotes from Nazis that resonate with BushCo is a rigged game that anyone can do to practically anyone but how about this one:

"Loyalty is a matter of the heart, never of the intellect. Heinrich Himmler." Unidentified Gau (5 - 11 February 1939)

Isn't that BushCo's model?

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