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Despite recent appearances in which I seem to trying to hog the whole road, I'm really NOT in the midst of a power play to oust Rob from her own empire.


I congratulate you both on your formalized blog alliance (press pool photo here) -- and on the highly effective use of graphics to explain everything to us, your readers. I've composed a small effort, a trifling thing, in honor of the occasion:

When Dame Robin and Sir Mick did their blogs entwine
No need was there for Auld Lang Syne
Their voices join'd as one for all
to read and to their wit to fall
entranc'd, enraptur'd -- indeed, enthrall'd.

While fulsome court poetry is sometimes used to deliver ironic content (e.g., "Brave Sir Robert"), such is not my intent. "Two clicks good, one click better" maybe? Except I imagine Mick will continue his own sites as well. Anyhow, looking forward to the collaboration.

A wise acquistion on your part especially as Mick works for free. Don't spoil him with any sort of compensation or he'll just turn into a Reagan Democrat like all the other blue collar workers who made enough to buy a snowmobile in the '80s.

Thomas: It is a good fit, unlike CFLF which never seemed comfortable (except for Mike) with my shotgun approach. I'm too edgy or something.

And I'm going to demand an investigation to find out how that artist got into our closed meeting. The rendering is astonishingly lifelike. That's exactly how it was, from collar to throne.

As to the poem, I'm flattered and horrified all at the same time. Exactly to what does the phrase "and for their wit to fall" refer? Fortunately, I have so little it won't have to fall far. Rob, otoh, is in trouble.

Finally, I don't know if I'll keep them going or not. Trenches material fits beautifully here as well as most of what I did for Witness. I explain what I think will happen here.

Mark: I miss your links something awful.

However, to the subject at hand, I resent the implication that I would sell out for a snowmobile. I have integrity and much higher standards. Rob is giving me a Maytag.

Uh huh. And where is that Maytag being built? Last I heard they were shutting down the union plant in Newton, Iowa....

Not much point in posting any longer. If I hadn't shut down Norwegianity I would have been nonstop I HATE HILLARY 24/7.

Ya'know ... we could let people who have shut down their blogs post here when they feel like they miss blogging but not Blogging. I think there's a niche market for that. I'm sure I saw something about the Japanese developing a video game around that premise.

Thomas: I would write a poem in reply but am bereft of any talent in that area. Instead I will grant you all the land north of Levittshire and south of the Rt 1 trade road. Excellent well.

And where is that Maytag being built?

Tierra del Fuego, I believe.

Figures. Tierra del Fuego is the Marianas Islands of South American scabbery! I've heard that not one of those migrant penguin laborers has a union card....

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