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The elevator thing is a chestnut; the second, usually implied line is

"that go all the way to the top"

meaning the legs in question continue to be shapely as high as one can well see, and probably as high their terminus in fond imagination -- the place where elevator hoistways have a penthouse, and dancers have an ass.

Hi Joel: Although I like that explanation, I don't think my kid meant that. I asked him about it and he said he meant that her legs were strong and could lift her from a near total backbend.

Oh, I wasn't claiming that your kid had that metaphor in mind -- I was just pointing out that he was repeating a compliment that I first heard over three decades ago (and it was old then) that very definitely does invoke that metaphor.

When I was five, the neighborhood boys and I used to shout "Bombs over Tokyo!" when we threw rocks in the pond. We had no more awareness of the horrible real-live referent for that phrase than your kid probably has for elevator legs.

And having written all that, I've convinced myself that your kid independently re-coined the phrase, and that I'm an old bag of empty words.

And having written all that, I've convinced myself that your kid independently re-coined the phrase, and that I'm an old bag of empty words.

Never! I was only saying that he wasn't historically aware enough to know that saying. It would be very funny though if he did walk around using expressions like that. He could call guns "gats" and talk about how things are "swell."

Also as his mom, there's a part of me that automatically denies the lust in his heart. I was gratified as he blushed when I explained the other meaning of what he had said. ;)

Had it been anyone other than you doing the explaining, I doubt he would have blushed. Guys always blush, no matter what age they are, if their Moms start talking about...you know.... Anybody else, not so much.

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