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It was a good day. To celebrate, I think I'll go get some of that ice cream and enjoy my newly toned abs in the morning. Thanks

Rock on! I have an entire BushCo Wellness Regimen based on advice that. In 8 years you'll either be dead or, well, you'll be dead. But I get to bill your estate in perpetuity. I see it as good deal. You will too!

Yes it's a nice win but not exactly a surprise on any count. Doctors are still mainly a GOP constituency - a pretty big one - health ins corpo's are at about the level of used car salesmen in esteem, and it's an election year. The chances that a struggling and/or dying GOP would vacate a major support group for the sake of Bush's insurance friends was very low to begin with.

Still, in an age of minority rule when Dem conservatives continually vote with Pubs, I suppose any win is worth celebrating.

(Sorry to rain on the parade. I think I'm depressed about the size of Barrow's win. It's a very bad sign of what's coming.)

Barrow's win was depressing and Obama's part in it very upsetting (but predictable) for sure. The thing about this Medicare thing is that any encroachment on its privatization is usually unthinkable. They sustained an initial filibuster of it despite all the pressure from the docs. I agree with Krugman, when he says that this is good for the overall fight to rein in the insurance industry. He goes even further than that but I'm more cautious in my optimism.

I love it. Rob, you're the only cautiously fervent (or fervently cautious) optimist I've ever known. Or heard of. It's a charming combination, and politically devastating, but I'm afraid you're going to have a helluva time with BO.

However, I agree with both you and Krugman that this is a step forward (baby-step, as you say) and the Dems for once hung together and we can hope for more of the same. I'll be cheering if we get it but I've been disappointed for too many years to expect it or even waste energy hoping for it. If it happens, it will be people like you that bring it. You go, girl.

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