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I thought this was going to be a happy story! I should know by now, when it comes to BushCo and the environment, it's never a happy story.

Good-bye from the world's biggest polluter!

Sorry. It is a happy story in that the Michigan judge stopped what Leanne set up with Savoy and we can hope that will be a precedent for later judges to halt whatever indignities she decides to put the Allegheny through.

The problem is that there are dozens or even hundreds of Leanne-style Pub hacks who will remain in place to do more damage until and unless they are replaced. Digging them out won't be easy, and there's not a single sign from BO that he's even thought about this problem.

There are currently proposals to place industrial sized wind farms in the national forests of Vermont, Michigan, and Virginia. Forests in other states await further study. The companies seeking to develop our forests are large and foreign owned; British Petroleum seeks to develop nearly 10,000 acres in Michigan and Iberdrola Renewables of Madrid, Spain would move on the Green Mountains National Forest of Vermont. Each of the giant turbines requires a 60 ft. diameter cement pad 30 ft. deep. This along with the massive infrastructure to support their construction will devastate these fragile ecosystems. These are not the vast open public lands of the west, only 13% of our national forests system lies east of the Mississippi River. Because of their proximity to large urban areas they are enjoyed by millions and form the foundations of thriving tourist economies. Why such a looming and potentially devastating threat to our National Forests isn't being more actively publicized by the myriad array of conservation groups previously charged with their protection? Perhaps when having to make the choice of protecting the wilderness or standing in the way of long awaited “green technologies” many are choosing to stand silent. Are the millions of tons of cement poured to construct a wind farm any less malignant to these ecosystems than the cement that would be used to build a coal fired electric plant over them? Our forests are a legacy and should never fall victim to any administrations “pet project”.

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