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Frankly, I love it. Maybe the New Yorker didn't deserve the death penalty for their clueless cover, but Barack just fired a shot across the media's bow, and they can't bitch about it without mentioning that horrible cover.

Let's see if the news coverage gets more even-handed now. I'm still waiting for the Star Tribune to play up al-Maliki's agreement with Obama on troop withdrawal deadlines, but so far they've had the chutzpah to run the phony "revised comments" story without ever having run the original Der Spiegel information.

I would love to see Barack Obama rip the Strib a new one. In fact, I can't think of many dead tree publications I wouldn't like to see get New Yorkered.

I'm torn. I don't like the idea of booting anyone off the plane b/c I didn't like it when Cheney did it to the NYT. I can't defend Obama doing it now. But I'm not going to go nuts over it. The cover - or, more accurately, the press the cover got, gave Obama an easy opening for some pearl clutching. And he's clearly already made the decision to budget 60% of his time on the trail bashing safe center-left and fully left institutions. So he goes after the New Yorker. Where I differ from N is here: a shot across the bow is a general warning. Obama won't go after any center- or further right group or institution. So this is more of an easy shot he can take at a bunch of people whom he files in the "gotta vote for me" drawer, making points with everyone who hates us. That's our role during this campaign: whipping boy.

It's brave and new! The man is a saint.

No one was "booted off" the plane. There were 40 seats and 200 journalists. Who else did not get a seat? Who knows-- between Mike Allen and Rachel Sklar, there's not a mention of the other excluded journalists.

The New Yorker is a weekly publication specializing in in-depth articles. The best media value of this campaign trip is continuous news fed back and published as quickly as possible.

Regardless of the current position of the New Yorker on the Obama favorable-unfavorable spectrum,it would seem that the decision not to award one of the seats to the New Yorker is justifiable on purely pragmatic grounds.

I could argue that given the ease with which people would come to the conclusion that he was booting the New Yorker from the plane, the pragmatic decision would have been to find Lizza a seat.

I'm afraid I think, given where BO comes from (Illinois politics is more brutal than even Massachusetts', and that's saying something), that the part that I bolded may be the truth: like Rove, BO was sending a message: "Want access in my administration? Then be careful what you say about me. Criticism will not be treated lightly."

Rob is right: it isn't credible that Obama's team wouldn't know bloody well that booting Lizza off the list would look like revenge. If they did it anyway, then that's the way they wanted it to look.

Norwegianity would have had a better point if it had been Fox or ABC or the NYT's Nagourney or any number of other Bush media scumbags. But Rob is right again: he picked an easy target, a target he didn't have to be concerned would come back at him. I'm afraid that's pretty typical of DLCers - they don't like opposing their opposition, they like opposing their puitative friends. The excuse is always "unity" or "discipline" but the fact is that they're cowards, plain and simple.

None of this bodes well for BO's presidency, I'm sorry to say. Or for the Democratic party as a whole.

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