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My lawnmower has a warning on it to not pick it up while it's running... And I have never been tempted since I read that.

My take would be that nobody and I mean NO BODY covers up for corrupt government officials like Democrats. Sure Republicans cover up for the thieves they embed into government service, but only the Democrats routinely protect genuine bureaucrats from legal consequences.

If this had been the City of Chicago, I suspect you would have seen things differently. That and as I recall it, Big Dog got mau maued half to death over his judiciary appointments, and put some real dogs on the bench.

A lawyer sent me this:

First, this case involved statutory construction, not constitutional interpretation. Conservative judges tend to construe statutes strictly, just as they do the constitution, but still, the exercise is not quite the same, and the two types of cases should not be conflated.

Second, the Sixth District opinion was an unpublished per curiam opinion. That means it was most likely written by a staff attorney rather than by any of the justices whose names appear on it. Which doesn't mean to say that they didn't approve the result. But, to be fair, if you read the whole thing, they were going on the notion that protecting employees who cooperate in internal investigations that are held before anyone has filed a discrimination complaint with the EEOC or the like not only is not required by the language of Title VII, but also would discourage employers from conducting such investigations of their own accord. The US Supreme Court said "piffle" to that, and I certainly agree. But the Sixth Circuit didn't see - or didn't admit - that what it was doing was hurting workers, not helping them.

So it's not such a no-brainer as all that. Still, SCOTUS clearly got it right. They do, every once in a while.

I don't find this very convincing proof that the 2 Dems were solid thinkers. I suspect, Mark, that you've nailed this one except I hate to think Carol would recommend a bonehead.

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