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Just curious but if you had to pick would you rather have Gillibrand as jr.Senator from NY, or Daschle as a Cabinet secretary?

Ooh! I'll play. My mom would make an awesome Jr. Senator from NY. She's even from upstate. But I defer to Julia on all matters of the Empire State.

I don't care who is at HHS. The chances of us getting health care reform that serves our interests and not the interests of the insurance and pharma industries is a function of how active people are willing to get to demand it.

Mark, the question is meaningless. There's no equivalency here. One has nothing to do with the other.

Rob, I'd vote for your mom before I'd vote for Kirsten G.

I dunno. I have this incredibly strong hunch that Obama's a master of coopting the DLC types and making them lay the groundwork for bigger changes later.

Daschle is wonderful news. Even though I believe Obama was planning to totally "use" him, it demeans good government employees to have to report to such an utter hack. I cheered when he lost his seat.

And no, Obama won't give us the health care we want (single payer), but rather than see single payer dashed on the rocks of special interests a la Hillary's effort, I'd rather see steady progress towards real reforms. Maybe we'll see single payer as soon as Obama's second term. It's a tough tough issue because the health insurance industry is so huge and bloated, laying those people off would disrupt a healthy economy, let alone what Bush is leaving us.

I don't necessarily want only single payer. I just want an honest single payer option preserved and I don't think we're even going to get that. I'm okay with the insurance industry as long as it's regulated and watchdogged within an inch of its life and is forced to make money by expanding coverage instead of denying it.

My big fear is that we're going to end up with a giant Medicare Part D. That would be the worst of all worlds - just the sort of bi-partisan negotiating I have a sadly strong hunch that Obama excels at.

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