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The USA and Texas both would be better off as two separate nations. Texas culture is very different from that in the USA. Texans appreciate USA people who value secession as a way to get along with each other.

Good. Let's start a movement. You'd probably like to get rid of our sanity as much as we'd like to free ourselves from your clueless, violent, troglodytic backwardness.

Mick, there is already a movement for Texas Secession, ever heard of the Republic of Texas?

They will never let us go though, Texas has too much wealth, too much oil, not to mention NASA and PANTEX. Houston is the 4th biggest city in the USA, DFW is even bigger than Houston as a metro area.

As a Texan, there is nothing that I would like more than to get out of the USA, but you might consider how many other States might like to come with us. Oklahoma would certainly come with us, so would much of the old South. Kansas up through the Dakotas and Montana.

We would have 1/2 the space program, and where do you think all those old nuclear war heads from the cold war are buried? If you guessed Texas, you would be right! Not only that, but Texas has the nuclear bomb plant, Pantex right next to the where all the old war heads are buried, so it should not be too much trouble to put everything back together again.

White folk will need some place to run to, after multiculturalism finishes destroying California, and I realy do not think that all those tech workers would have much trouble finding work with companies like Dell and Texas Instruments.

Texas can feed itself, its already on its own power grid, and is energy independent. I do not think that Wyoming would be too opposed to joining the Texan Union, so there is our source of coal, and even if they do not join we got plenty of refined atomic material and lower quality coal and natural gas of our own.

Yep, I think Texas would be just fine by itself, and there is nothing that I would like more than to get out of the Union. Of course we tried that before, but then the United States attacked us which lead to our current state of occupation by the American Empire.

Best of luck in your pursuit of getting Texas kicked out of the Union. I for one really hope that we can make it happen.

johnnyb: Actually, I doubt very much that anybody, even OK, would go with you. The whole point of this t-in-c post is that Texas' rep has been so poisoned by its fringe whackos that nobody wants anything to do with it. OK and parts of the South might like to secede either alone or in concert with each other but with Texas? Not so much.

But it's true that OK is currently running a close second and you might want to approach Alaska. Sarah would be very open to the idea as long as she can be the new Republic's prez. But Texans wouldn't mind that. Sarah P is their kind of boot-y, right?

The Republic of Texas opt out is a myth anyway. Rick Perry has just ended his political career because even in Texas that shit don't fly for 75% of Texans.

All over wrongful anger. Americans are by any First World standards undertaxed. Sooner or later the wingnuts will wake up to the fact that all their financial problems stem from being underpaid, not overtaxed.

Don't count on it.

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