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Dude I have no way of knowing, but the point is that none of us do. Even a Caesar needed a few years to clean up his predecessor's messes.

I originally was pushing for Wes Clark in '08. Not because I agreed with him on issues, but because we need a steady hand on the tiller right now, someone who'll make the right decisions to keep things moving in the right direction.

By now I think it's pretty obvious to everyone that the Republicans aren't serious about anything except their way or the highway. Each additional day of that just makes it easier to fix things without their input.

But mostly the dollar can still buy stuff, and I wasn't sure that would be true at this point in time at all.

A 1.5% reduction in the growth rate of spending, as opposed to 1.5% spending reduction, doesn't sound like much of a victory to me.

Mark: Even a Caesar needed a few years to clean up his predecessor's messes.

And was murdered by the aristocracy for doing it. I take your point but there's not much in Obama's background to suggest he's genuinely unfriendly to the corporate aristocracy. However, I'll take what I can get and keep my fingers crossed.

I liked Clark too but he never had a chance with the conservaDems in charge of the party. Neither did Dean, another guy I liked. As long as they're running things, we'll never see a Clark or a Dean at the top of the ticket. An Obama is the best we're likely to get.

OSR: Either way, it ain't much of a "victory".

I think we'd have seen the same things from Dean (whom I just love) if he were president now as we're seeing from Obama. I'm probably remembering it all wrong now but I don't remember Dean promising so much, which is why I continue to prefer him to Obama. On the other hand, the night is young. Obama hasn't failed to come through on anything yet - he's just moving at his own pace, which is dictated by stupid reality. There's even time for him to get the Wall St. nightmare right. I'd say that the odds are long, but I can't read his mind. Maybe this is all an elaborate plan, as you and Mark have suggested.

Right now I'm completely immersed in health care reform. That's going to be a pretty good litmus test for Obama. If he can't get a strong and independent public health insurance plan through with the reform, he will have failed.

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