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Chernobyl style accidents are not possible with US-architecture reactors. Deaths from TMI: zero.

Chance of reducing greenhouse gas emissions to safe levels in the next thirty years without a robust nuclear program, according to Jim Hansen: zero.

Understand that we have on the one hand a threat to civilization and the biosphere as great as any in the past 55 million years; and on the other hand we have a technology which is an essential part of a swift response to that threat. This technology has cost too much and is not without safety problems, but it produces zero CO2 and zero civilian deaths while providing 20 percent of our electricity.

(By the way, if nuclear was as profitable as you imply, private capital would be financing these things already. See your quote from Marx on the right.)

I also have to disagree with you on this one. Now that we have a sane (albeit questionably competent) president, now is the time to start building some new reactors. Enough of them to let us explore pebble bed technology, and to stay in the hunt for fusion power.

There isn't enough uranium for nuclear power to ever be a solution, but science needs to keep moving forward.

I would have agreed with you a year and a half ago, but Obama ain't Bush, and I trust him to make sure these reactors are built to spec without any corners being cut. The waste byproducts we can just put into a rented garage somewhere in Mississippi.

Until we have a workable solution to the problem of waste -- a place to put it and a way to transport it to that holding site -- I do not see how we can even contemplate any new power plants. As it stands now, the waste must be held at the site of the plant facility that created the waste. And in the 2970s many states made it illegal to transport waste across their roads. We have ignored the waste problem for a very long time. Again, the waste problem must be solved before any new plants are built.

I'm with PurpleGirl on this. I don't know anything about "pebble bed technology" but even if it is cleaner and safer, I think she's right that the disposal problem is a game-killer. Until that's solved (and stuffing it into a garage in Mississippi may be fun and tres tempting but doesn't count as a solution), the risk is far too great. As for fusion, isn't that a myth?

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