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Hmmm, dunno about the Libya story, while it seems plausible on its face, a Google search for 'transmitter trojan Mossad' brings back only fringe sites like www.freemasonrywatch.org or whatreallyhappened.com

If these fringe sites were ever accurate or could back up some of their claims that would be one thing, but they have a 9 year track record of being either provably wrong or at best, leading one so far down the rabbit hole that nothing makes sense, that everything is one vast conspiracy (unlikely). The worst part to me is that they only link to each other making internet research of their claims difficult if not impossible. This is in part why so many people believe so much crazy sh*t and are incapable of connecting with their fellows to fight the all too real conditions enabling very real disasters to happen. Case in point is leaking millions of gallons of crude in the Gulf right now. If everyone affected by this catastrophe was in the streets right now it would be pretty difficult for BP, Halliburton, MMT & ultimately local, state & federal government to continue pretending this was still 'business as usual'. **sigh**

You are doing a great service getting more information about the Mossad into the public arena. I have concerns they operate quite freely in the US (in the violation of the US Constitution) and our government does nothing to stop them. I haven't heard a lot about them since learning (via Fox News) they were posing as Israeli art students in 2001 and visiting defense installations. This really freaked me out, as I recall distinctly being visited by Israeli art students at my office in Seattle in the summer of 2001. I have nothing to do with the US government. However I am a long time anti-war/peace and justice activist and I assume this was the reason for the visit. I would be curious to know if other activists around the country were visited by the Mossad art students? I recently published a memoir of my close encounters with US intelligence: THE MOST REVOLUTIONARY ACT: MEMOIR OF AN AMERICAN REFUGEE. More info at http://www.strategicpublishinggroup.com/title/TheMostRevolutionaryAct.html

You know, darms, y'all really need to quit relying so much on electronic media and try reading, like, a book every once in a while. Trojan took place in the 80's, long before "The Days of The Internetz". There's nothing online that I could find (thus no links) but you'll find the story told in full in The Other Side of Deception by ex-Mossad agent Victor Ostrovsky. Try your local library. Remember them? (Ostrovsky is legit, btw - the Mossad had to admit that when they tried to stop the publication of his first book, By Way of Deception.)

Dr Bramhall, they do indeed operate freely. But then, so do dozens of other foreign intelligence agents from any country you care to name. Just as the Company operates overseas in defiance of other countries' laws. That's the way the game is played.

The difference is the sayanim - tens of thousands of Jewish Americans dedicated to the support of Israel who have agreed to act in one capacity or another in her behalf. The Mossad takes advantage of their patriotism and their faith at the same time by conflating the interests of the US and Israel as if they were the same thing. They're not, of course, which has caused no end of trouble.

Sayanim are asked for the kind of assistance that is small but can make a crucial difference to an op: they loan a Mossad agent their car so the agent can avoid having to steal or rent one; they let the Mossad use a vacation home as a safehouse; they write letters to politicians filled with Mossad propaganda. There is a cadre of sayanim who have been recruited to attack any "enemy of Israel" as identified by the Mossad case officer in charge - online, in the papers, responding to tv shows or blog posts, etc. Most have no idea that the person who is telling them what to say is Mossad, and those few who do are like Jonathan Pollard (who was recruited by Mossad after he joined AIPAC as a "volunteer") - they think they're playing spy and they're thrilled.

Virtually none of them would do it - or at least they'd have a struggle with their consciences - if the difference between our interests and Israel's was made clear, so of course it isn't.

Having said all that, Mossad uses students only for very low-level cover assignments (for instance, living in a safe house until Mossad needs it) and window dressing. They NEVER use students as active agents, so you don't need to worry about them.

But please, stop watching Fox. They lie all the time, are pro-Israel but anti-semitic, and can't be trusted about anything. Ever. They're a propaganda channel. Period. That's their function.

Mick, thanks for the link, I just submitted an ILL request for the book. Please excuse my skepticism as there's an awful lot of crap out there in these here intertubes... Even wikipedia has little info on Victor John Ostrovsky except for a bio & a short mention of one of his books. But I've gotten pretty adept w/search engines these last 10 so when I cannot find any links to something except to fringe sites I'm going to be skeptical. And when something seems "too good to be true" it often isn't (sealed vs. sealed).

BTW what convinced me of the truth behind the late Gary Webb's "Dark Alliance" reports was finding a link to congressional testimony from the Kerry commission documenting that many of the Contra-supply pilots were convicted cocaine smugglers, found via the internet. And I could give you many more examples as well. Would you rather have skeptical readers (that you can convince) or 'true believers'?

darms: I have no problem with your skepticism. My problem is with the apparent assumption that anything that isn't online can't be real. I run into it all the time, and as an old fart for whom libraries were (are) one of the greatest pleasures and as someone who remembers back before the internetz, I am sometimes, perhaps, more peevish than I ought to be when I run into that attitude. It was my intention to make my reply t-in-c, but if it didn't come off as light, I apologize. But in future, do try to remember that anything that happened pre-1995 may not be available online, and that anything pre-1985 almost certainly isn't (with some notable exceptions).

Meanwhile, Support Your Local Library.

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