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I can't argue with you because I'm no happier with Obama than you are.

But we really do need to crush the right's spirit by holding steady this fall. Once the teabaggers are removed from the debate, the discussion will automatically move to the left, and that's what we desperately need.

It's also why I'm not linking to the FBI raids on Minneapolis peace activists. Sometime years from now we'll learn the FBI did this to embarrass an all too easy to embarrass Obama just before a key election. (Mormons are as disproportionately represented in the FBI as Jews are in Hollywood or Episcopalians on Wall Street). It would be incredibly easy for me to go Nader/Ventura on this election, but we have to hold the line or the line will never move left again.

Yes, I'm a homer but the truth is if we ever had a Teddy Roosevelt style Republican party again, I'd really be torn. Government that does more with less really appeals to me. Sadly, we've never tried to do that without standing on the backs of minorities.

Americans may want a third party. I do. But I wonder whether you and I will like the third party we'll get.

Obama's not on the ballot this fall.

Don't cut off your nose to spite his face.

Hey! You were told to stop whining!


The formulation I'm using is "legacy parties" (D/R) vs. "emerging parties" (like the Greens and independents).

Minor problem.

Of that 58% who want another choice, you will find that each one has a substantially different idea of what that party should stand for.

The sad reality is that the Greens (and the Constitution Party and the Libertarians and the Labor Party and the New Party and etc.) have never managed to elect a single official to higher office. The Congress has a tiny handful of independents, none of whom belongs to an organized party. I can't think of a Governor or even a State AG from a third party, though perhaps one or two exist. Jesse Ventura, but no longer.

In other words, there's already nothing stopping third parties from running candidates and taking over.

Except the voters.

It turns out that left-wingers overestimate the genuine popularity of their worldview, just as right-wingers overestimate the popularity of theirs. If the Greens can't elect a congressman in Northern California, and the Constitution Party can't elect one in Alabama... well, you take my point.

I agree that the Democrats should stop trying to run on the slogan, "Vote for us. We're not insane." Sane voters want to vote *for* candidates, not against them. The rest of the voters, well, that slogan just encourages them.

So, listen to Mark. The emergence of extremism in the Republican Party is a signal that they know they are losing the long battle. Beat them in 2010 and 2012, and it's likely they will fragment, with the religious right splitting off from the corporate right. They never have been very happy together, and American demographics are changing.

If the right splits, space will open up in the political landscape for some serious renovations. If it doesn't, then there will be lots worse problems than the lack of a public option.

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