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Mick, you are dead-on right once more. The only time it stops is when we stop it. Back in the day, we could stop it by protesting loud enough but those days are over. Back in the day, there were well-known, well-respected, charismatic candidates that could mount "scary" primary challenges and third party bids. Well those days are gone. The corporate media makes damn sure the only protests we see are by the corporate-funded teabaggers, and any candidate who challenges the underlying assumptions of the system is portrayed as a nutcase with no chance of winning.

Chris Hedges and a few others say that electoral politics is dead. The whole thing is tightly controlled and no real threat, no scary candidate, is going to be able to come up with the money to mount a campaign, much less fend off the PR blitz against him. Hell, its hard enough to even get on the ballot in most states much less actually get more than 5% of the vote without corporate money behind you.

We've got to come up with a plan before 80% of the country is shoved into abject poverty. I don't see one yet.

I like the sound of "no quarter." We just have to be smart and humane about it.

I'd call for mass murder of the oligarchic class but I'd get in trouble so I won't.

Great post! Another interesting parallel with ancient Rome is that the wealthy political elites tended to form two camps: one that pretended to care about common folk, and another that was openly oligarchic. So, Julius Caesar as a Populare debated Cicero the Optimate.

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